This is the story of Veritas Steak & Seafood – the family & people behind our vision.  Here you will meet our family & staff that put their heart into making your experience a perfect one!

Proprietor and Sommelier Kevin Rios (more to come)


Mario & Maggie Rios first met in Orlando, Florida when Mario moved from Argentina and Maggie moved from Cuba.  Mario and Maggie have always worked together in whatever they have done.  Married in 1974 they started a construction business and then moved to Houston, Texas in 1976 to take advantage of the thriving Houston economy.  Their construction business has been a success for over 40 years and is still growing today.  In 1978 they had their first child Kevin and shortly after moved back to Orlando to be closer to family and purchased a dry cleaning business.  In 1981 they welcomed the birth of their daughter Karen.  With the apartment and construction boom in the early 80’s the Rios Family packed up and moved back to Houston.

They have remained in Houston ever since returning from Orlando and have continued to work hard to provide for their Family.  They have stayed dedicated to the construction business, mainly in multi-family housing, and in 1999 they opened a Re/max Real Estate office in Sugar Land, Texas.  With hard work and dedication Re/max Fine Properties won Broker of the Year in 2000 and quickly became the largest Re/max in Texas under one roof.  With the combined restaurant experience of Kevin and Karen, Mario wanted to open a Family owned restaurant.  The Family opened Mojitos Cuban Bistro in 2005 in Sugar Land, Texas using Maggie’s own Family recipes passed down through several generations.

After years of success with the Cuban restaurant, the Family decided to venture into Fine Dining in 2008.  They currently own Veritas Steak and Seafood located in Sugar Land, Texas specializing in the finest cuts of meat, fresh seafood, and homemade pasta with a world class wine list.

They welcome you into their Steakhouse as part of the Family.  You will always see the Rios Family at Veritas as they work with their team to ensure the perfect dining experience.

Executive Chef/Kitchen Manager Alex Mendoza has over 20 years of experience in the kitchen and has been with the Rios Family since 2005, when they first opened Mojitos Cuban Bistro.  Alex first met Kevin Rios at Carrabbas on I-10 and Kirkwood where they both worked.  Soon they became good friends and when Kevin and his family decided to open a Cuban Restaurant, Kevin asked Alex for his help and Alex agreed.  Alex has been the Chef/Kitchen Manager for the Rios Family since 2008 in their fine dining concept, which is now known as Veritas Steak and Seafood.  He is part of the Family!